Suicidal Depression Blog

Stages of Suicidal Symptoms

Over the years I have grown to classify my symptoms into stages. The practical reason is simple, I use them to manage how careful I have to be, by determining the rate my symptoms are growing, and how dagerous my current phase is ...more

Suicidal Ideation

Suicidality is an exceptional case with common root. It is common for parts of someone's subconscious to perceive risk or danger and manifest those perceptions into motivations that are not in line with that person's conscious intention. This is where hesitation comes from as well as all self-sabotaging behavior. Self-sabotage can be subtle and I imagine it is more common than we believe ...more

Four Ways To Rebuild Your Moods

Over the years I have improved how I focus on shaping my mental/emotional landscape. My wonderful therapist once said that if everyone had done the psychological work that I have we would live in a better world. The only thing is I don't have a choice. My options are make it work or go back to the roller coaster of my bipolar mixed states ...more

One of My Episodes

Four blocks from my apt I started to walk home. Thankfully it dawned on me what I was about to do, and I panicked. Turned the corner and headed towards the hospital ...more